Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 2011 Reading List

Arithmetic Village is a whole series of math fairy tales that we were fortunate enough to win. I excideldy tore opened the package and was pleased to find the books simple and charming. Sydney loves the stories and has since gone about the house playing "Polly Plus" counting jewels. 

Charlie an Lola are favorites around here and this was another big hit. Our library system just got a bunch of new titles in, yay! 

This was a cute story, albeit kind of hard to read outloud! See, the vowels are missing and are added back in as the family gets new members. At least the kids got a kick out of me trying to say words without vowels :) 


The Month Might Be Milk was on a friend's list from last month and looked like the sort of book we would like. We read it, and it was. S had the cool idea to make the cookie recipe but I had enough girl scout cookies laying around here to tempt me ;)

Sydney loves this book! We read it together many times. MANY times. She also chose this as her book-club pick an gave a great little report on it. 

Junie B. reminds me of Sydney. She is a wild child, full of love and creativity and also loudness. Nicholas used to enjoy this series, but has since grown out of it. This is now a bedtime series for Sydney and she seems to enjoy reading chapter books.

Our new family time reading adventure, brought to us by my childhood favorite author Judy Bloom. This is still what we are currently reading and it is proving to be a bonding book for us, as we can all relate to the characters and their wit. 


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S said...

Good reads! I'm looking up a couple of those from the library :)