Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot off the press: Our yearbooks are here!!

I have started a new tradition for our homeschool, one that we all remember from our own public school days...yearbooks!! I'm so proud of my creation, truly! It does have one error, I didn't catch the fact that my text box ran out of space before I ran out of words, but it was like 2am when I finished this book of awesomeness to commemorate our year, so I forgive me :) Using photos that I took throughout the year and my scanner
for the kids artwork, I was able to fill out the 20 page photo book easily enough. I used a Buy-1-Get-1 code and was able to get these delivered to my door for under $50 total for the pair. Each child has their own book and they are planning on having friends from their weekly playgroup sign them, so cool! Here is a glimpse, a page of history and science.