Monday, June 22, 2009

Now we're cookin!

Nicholas LOVES to help in the kitchen, so I have been using that eagerness to help us move along with math and other basic life skills. Several times throughout the 2nd grade, Nic and I have read thru kids cookbooks from the library and he was given the opportunity to chose a recipe for us to make together. He makes the grocery list with me and also does the majority of the cooking himself with my supervision/help. One time he chose to make French Toast which was real surprise because he never likes it when I make it for breakfast. Well, he absolutely loved the recipe we used and requests it frequently now! This is something we will be carrying over into the 3rd grade for sure. I love that it is teaching him some basic skills that everyone needs to know: how to make a grocery list, how to read a recipe, how to make simple foods, and even the importance of trying new foods.

The library also had an interesting video series called "Meals in Minutes" that we checked out. The video host is comedian Stevie Ray and he made the videos fun to watch. The videos we selected covered basic kitchen food prep and safety. It said grades 6+, but Nicholas thought it was great. He also loves to watch Good Eats with Chef Alton Brown on the Food Network and get new recipes and learn all about foods.

Another way we have incorporated Nic's love of the kitchen into his lessons is by signing him for classes at the local Young Chef's Academy. There he gets to be with other homeschooled children (some from one of his playgroups even!) and cook up a new recipe each month. Their brightly colored kitchen serves as a classroom as well and the kids get to feel like real chefs in their hats and aprons while they cook. Parents are invited to sample the classes creations, but I have noticed that the desserts never make it that far. Last month's Tuscan Bean Soup was delicious, and Nic tells me the cake was great but of course I didn't get a taste hahaha. I am greatful that this company offers homeschool classes at a discounted rate, the same rate that the school field trips get.This is not going to be something we sign up for on a regular basis, but just from time to time as our budget and schedule allow.

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