Thursday, July 9, 2009

A place for recess - we are building a treehouse!

Ok, so it's more like Jeff is building a treehouse LOL. But I make a great assistant I think! It's a work in progress right now, a little more gets done everyday. I will update this post with newer pictures as it gets finished. There will be a swing, a slide, a rock climbing area, a little house underneath with a fort on top. Everything we need for a fun recess in the backyard this school year :)

Days 2: I cleared out the weeds and Jeff built the framework. Slide is not attatched yet, just there for measuring.

Day 6: The floor of the toplevel is built and there is a ladder!
Day 8: Syd helps build! There is a backwall with window now and the slide is attatched!

Day much-much-later: We used most of the supplies that we had on hand and it is playable! The downstairs area is not finished as planned though and money cannot go to this project, as so many other projects have come up. I hear this is called life *sigh*. There are 2 signs on the treehouse that Jeff made, one with each of the kid's names, very cool. I am proud of his handy work!

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