Monday, February 23, 2009

Our plants are growing! And other fun stuff :)

Our little plants are GROWING!! I can hardly believe they are growing, what with my black thumb and all. Of course I am soOoooO glad, especially because Jeff just built me a planting box to grow some veggies this spring. When they are big enough and the weather has warmed up for good, I will transplant. Here we have the carrots and the cantaloupe. So far the strawberries are proving to be duds. We have more to plant now: cucumbers, squash and lettuce. We are hoping to get to eat some of this in a few months!

We read a book called "Eye Know: Plants" that was full of quirky facts that Nic liked. He was surprised to learn that salad is just leaves, celery is a stalk and carrots are roots. He made a poster of the life cycle of a plant as well, and as we were hanging it he decided that his other work (from a prevous week) was sloppy. So he took it down and re-did it! My kid!! He CHOSE to re-write a paragraph for the sake of making it better. ON HIS OWN!! This is me in shock. This is awesome. So here it is, complete with a new nicely written and no spelling errors, his review of a gardening movie and today's poster on how plants grow and their parts.

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