Monday, February 23, 2009

My kid might be the youngest Obama supporter there is

Have I mentioned how much Nicholas loves to learn about the Presidents of the United States? If you missed it before, here ya go: He looooOoooOOves anything to do with Presidents!!

Last Monday was President's Day, so he learned about George Washington and Abraham Linocoln through stories, Internet word searches (another favorite of his) and crafts. We made Lincoln's cabin from a tissue box, strawberry frosting and pretzel sticks. We also learned that pretzel sticks dipped into strawberry frosting is quite tasty. Social Studies, craft AND snack in one! Haha. My favorite new fact, because YES, I am learning new things too : Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled by his step-mother and only had 1 year of formal schooling. And he could read, write, do math...oh, and became President of the United States.

President's Day may be the observation of Washington and Lincoln's birthdays, but we couldn't stop with just those two. Nicholas must be the youngest Obama supporter out there, so we had to do something fun with him too. We were number 45 on a waiting list for the library's copy of "Barack Obama: The United States Presidents" and we just happened to have gotten it 2 days before President's Day - perfect timing! This is a book that he saw the placeholder for at the library (they have the whole series) and he asked to get on the list - reading Jimmy carter in the meantime LOL. When he got the Obama one he read it eagerly, observing facts through photos as well such as Barack being left handed, just like Nic :) That little tid-bit made him so happy, you wouldn't believe! I found a small big-head Obama figure for Nic to make, but it wound up being a project for me because the cutting and taping was too precise for my 2nd grader. So I made it for him, he thinks it's cute but that his skin color is too pink (what can I say? The printer is almost out of colored ink!). Nicholas was able to make an Obama support poster instead, much more his level :)

Because Nicholas is so excited to learn about the Presidents, we are continuing on and will do so until he isn't interested anymore. For this week, I have a dvd and book called "So You Want to be President" - looks like fun! I also went ahead and ordered him a poster of all 44 Presidents, even though it was 3 times as much money as the poster that only had 43....I thought about gluing in an Obama head and saving myself the $16 difference, but changed my mind :) I think he is going to love it!! If any of you ever find a President book or activity, let me know! It looks like our 2011 vacation could very well be to Washington D.C. , that would be the ultimate vactaion for Nic I think!!

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