Monday, February 16, 2009

Apparently I am a cheap date and also easily amused

I try to be thrifty and pinch my pennies - if you know me than this is old news ;) But now I have something new to search for on my hunt - homeschool supplies!! So far, I have found discounts for homeschoolers on sites such as Scholastic, found cheaper admission rates on designated homeschooling days for many attractions, and been able to score big on used supplies at local thrift stores. I don't actually GO to the thrift stores as much anymore, seeing as how we are so busy, so when I do get a change I am excited to see what I can find.

This week Jeff and I made a quick thrift run while on our Valentine's date, and we found some pretty great stuff! For Nicholas, we got a NEW twister top (connects 2 bottles so you can fill and make a water twister), some uncut Saxon math fact cards (highly recommended maker of homeschool supplies!), BEST find....some math manipulative blocks!!! I had been looking for these blocks, I just asked my newly joined homeschool community board if they had suggestions. I was able to go to the makers website and get some FREE math lessons to go with them as well - AWESOME!!

We couldn't leave without looking for something for Sydney as well. She has really wanted toy tools, so we found a bag of plastic kiddie tools that she is already enjoying. A bonus, Jeff also found a big bag of wooden kitchen foods for her! These toys have become really popular lately, kind of a pricey toy. They "slice" with a wooden knife and can then go back together with Velcro.

Our total was under $20 for all of this. And the wooden foods are worth over $20 all on their own!!I may be the most excited person in the house over the wooden veggies and math blocks, and that's ok with me :)

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