Thursday, February 12, 2009

It feels like spring is here!

General Beau Lee, GA's official groundhog, predicted an early spring this year - and I think he is right!!! The weather has been amazingly warm this week. The kids and I were able to enjoy a picnic at the playground and another Homeschool Academy trip to the zoo this week. Perfect outdoor weather has us all feeling relaxed I think.

We have even been able to enjoy a few days indoors without using any lights until around 4pm - we just open the blinds and let the sun pour in! I read in a recent edition of the AJC that a new high school in GA is being built with natural sunlight pouring in, as "research has shown a correlation between children’s access to natural light and higher test scores" according to that article. It's GA's first "green" school. I am working to make our house function more "green" as well, and utilizing the sunlight to our advantage is easily done.

I am hoping that our little potted garden is benefiting from all this good weather too. I will update when we see sprouts!

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