Friday, February 18, 2011

Sick Day Schooling

     When your whole family is sick with the flu, lesson plans kinda go right out the window. When you feel better but your kids are now fighting off pneumonia and bronchitis, and the steroids give them mood-swings, you continue to just wing it ;) 
     Reading was slow this week, as you have to breathe to accomplish reading out loud to kids. Breathing with the flu is strained enough! I did manage to read a small handful as bedtime stories and Nic read a couple library short stories to himself, and that will have to suffice. 
     What we did a lot of, however, was watch tv. See, you can huddle under a blanket because your cold, even though your temp is 103, while you watch tv from the big comfy couch. Thanks to our Netflix subscription we were able to instant order a whole season of Mythbusters and Sid the Science Kid. Hello, science :) Having gone to the library a few days before we fell ill was a big help too. We watched dvds on artist Degas and math dvds. We even had a dvd all about germs and getting the flu. Hello, irony.
     It was sunny while we were sick, and our playgroup went to the playground for the first time in months. We sick uns stayed put. I did open the door and let the warm air come inside, and as soon as the kids felt up to it we hung out in the backyard. Sydney attempted watercolors outside, but tonkered out pretty quickly. It was followed by yet another nap on the couch. 
     Melting old crayons in the oven while in a muffin tin was a fun activity for her while sick though. Peeling the paper was the hardest part, I had to do pretty much all of that. She sorted and watched melt. Then she experimented with them after they cooled into disks and decide the were good for scribbles but not for drawing. 

Once Nic felt like remaining upright for a bit, I let him play with food coloring and an ice mold. He was pretty amazed at how the running colors would stick like veins to the ice, even holding their original "drop" shape at some points. I thought it was pretty beautiful. 



Grace said...

I did not know you had a blog. Enjoyed checking it out. Glad ya'll are better and got to come to the park today!

Christin said...

Glad you found me Grace! And I really enjoyed being outside and seeing all of my friends at the park, the kids did too :) See ya soon!