Friday, February 4, 2011

January 2011 Reading List

Here are some noteworthy books that we read during the month of January.

Oh No!(or How my Science Project Destroyed the World) This is a cute story about a science fair project that goes wrong. More pictures than words, this story came home from the library with us in hopes that it would inspire my children for the upcoming Homeschool Science Fair. They both really enjoyed it, lots of laughter. I enjoyed the fact that the main character, a kid scientist, is a girl. 

The 2nd book in The Universe Tells Our Earth Story, this book was pulled off the shelf to be a bedtime story by Sydney. I started reading and soon Nic came in to listen as well. It was too long for just one night, so my disappointed children had to wait until the next day to finish the story. Very visually stimulating, we spent a good bit of time looking over the artwork on each page after reading. We have the series and will be reading book 3 soon.

This a favorite storybook of mine, purchased when Sydney was just 1 and we read a copy at the doctor's office. I read it to her so many times that it fell apart, so this is our 2nd copy :) She pulled it from the shelves for bedtime several nights this month, which of course just make me reminisce and remind me of how much she has grown. Anyhow, it's a simple book about a mother's love. Quite cute, rhyming, and beautifully illustrated. 

Nic does his own night-time reading these days and his new obsession is Disney's Club Penguin. He has been staying up to read the books he got as gifts and has also brought a couple home from the library. I was proud that he went and asked a librarian for help requesting some books that he wanted and didn't see on the shelves. I wouldn't be surprised if he chose a Club Penguin book as his topic during the next kids bookclub. 

And Tango Makes Three This is a delightful, and true, story about 2 male penguins who have chosen eachother as life partners in the Central Park Zoo. After seeing the other couples make a nest and take care of an egg, Roy and Silo do their best to simulate with a nest and rock. They were later given the chance to be parents and hatch a real egg. This book was the most challenged book from 2006-2009 according to the American Library Association, even being banned in some areas. Our copy was borrowed from the Parenting section of the library. My children asked for me to read it again, as it was quite funny and such a sweet story. 

History finds us on the Oregan Trail, so I thought the story of the Ingalls family moving West would tie in nicely. This is a story that both of my kids have been able to get into. They both showed fear and compassion when Jack (the dog) is lost after crossing the swift moving river, and both were shocked when Pa and Ma just start BUILDING A HOUSE. They both agree that a cup and candy cane make for a pretty shabby Christmas - I guess if anything they are learning just how good they have it!

Fancy Nancy is a relatively new character in our house. Sydney adores this little girls style and fashion and often tells me that she is dressing like Fancy Nancy when she piles on the accessories to her mis-matched outfits. I love the new vocabulary that these books introduce her too. Our Posh Puppy book was anything but, coming to us from my favorite store...Goodwill! I've added quite a few new bedtime stories onto our shelves for the bargain price of around $1 each, and this has quickly become a favorite. If I find the dog, or cat for that matter, dress-up then I'll surely know where she got the idea.

We just got a whole stack full of books from the library today, including several suggestions from one of my best friends at , so our February reading list should be nice and full!



S said...

Great reads! Gonna have to check out that Oh No book :)

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Check out the computer game "Oregon Trail". We haven't even got half way to our destination without everyone dying. VERY eye-opening, and very interative.

Christin said...

It's funny you should mention that game! I got it on my iPhone and we all play, but I just found a newer full computer version at Goodwill! The computer one is a lot harder, and they are both different from the one I remember playing in Computer Lab back in the day. Gotta love a game where you kid can either die from malaria or be stolen by a giant eagle though ;)