Friday, January 28, 2011

Life Lessons: Learning to be a mindful parent

Mindful parenting is the practice of using self-awareness to know when it is time to self-intervene:  to slow down, think, and decide the course of action that will keep your child close to you. Rather than home life feeling out of control and overwhelming, the Mindful Parent creates a home that is a secure and stress-free zone — a place where people feel loved, accepted, and calm. Mindful Parent Happy Child 

I want to be mindful, to live in the moment and live with intent. I haven't a clue how to stop my racing thoughts, multi-tasking in my mind even when being still. I'd like to play a game with my children and be IN the moment, and not planning out the next night's dinner or worrying if we are studying enough/the right things/to their potential/etc. I've gotten some book suggestions and am even searching on my own. I feel good about this realization, I need to enjoy the moments as they are really happening. 


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