Sunday, January 16, 2011

Table scraps: Scholastic Dollar Deals Curriculum Sale!

Thanks to my friend Gina, I was able to add to our ever growing and changing curriculum for the tiniest investment. I got 9 e-books for 9 dollars!! I was a bit miffed when I saw a book on the list that I paid $12 for on Amazon just last month, but too late now. The good thing is, I was able to score other books that I can print at home. This saves a LOT of paper as well, since these books aren't bound paper, just files. You print what you need, like the worksheets and not all the needless title pages, etc. Scholastic e-books Dollar Deals I just downloaded my files and started printing off some idiom mini-book pages for tomorrow. Yay for a good deal! I've heard that this is in annual sale, can't wait till next January to see if it comes back around. This years sale ends January 31st, get it on this deal while you can!


*edited to add, this site is having problems with their pricing and also, apparently, their customer service. The first 12 times I tried to add books to my basket, the prices jumped from $1 to normal price. I emailed customer support, tried again and magically the prices stayed $1, and then 2 days later got a follow up saying "This sale is over." Yeah. According to the ad it's not! If you have problems, try try again. And don't bother with customer support, as they don't even know there IS a sale. Awesome.

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