Thursday, January 6, 2011

Every Little Bottom - our 1st charity of the year

Diapers needed, who knew? I knew. Once upon a time I didn't have the money to buy diapers and had to ask for help. It was a humiliating time for 2 parents trying to find permanent work and keep bills paid and go to school, etc. etc. This article states that "One in three mothers in the United States has to cut back on household necessities in order to afford diapers." I had to ask for help from family and my boss, thankfully they were able to come through for us.

So, I've found our first charity for the year! The plan is to involve the kids in coupon cutting and sales hunting and to collect diapers for the year. The average price per diaper is 25.5 cents, I found this information by googling it after I did my own "research" using the Walgreens sale price divided by size 4 diapers per pack. I'd like to set a goal of 1000 diapers for the year, but in order to achieve that goal I will need to drastically reduce the price, hence the coupon clipping and such. The diapers will be brought down to either the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia or Atlanta Food Bank.



S said...

I have some diapers that Dimples will no longer wear. I don't much point in hanging on to them, so they are yours if you want them.

Sha Bish said...

Sounds like a great charity Christin. I can relate. I actually cloth diaper when I run out of disposables, but I can understand mothers who want to use disposables and just dont have enough money. I would also like to find a charity that the kids and I can give to.

Christin said...

S - yes, I'd love to add more to our pile :)
Sha - I think the biggest factor that deters moms from using cloth is daycare. Working moms just probably aren't allowed to have that as an option in most care centers.