Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rudolph: Center for Puppetry Arts Performance

I'm not sure what I expected when we arrived downtown at the Center for Puppetry Arts to see Rudolph, but I know I walked out in awe. This was by far the COOLEST puppet show I have ever seen. I mean, there was animation involved for cryin out loud! The stage had depth, lights, moving dancing scenery. The crew was amazingly talented and even gave a brief "behind the scenes" after the show. I was stunned. Both kids really enjoyed the show and both sat with friends leaving me to myself - I'll admit, that stung a bit. They knew I was nearby but didn't need me to be next to them, not when there was an opportunity to be with buddies. I did get cheered up when another little 3 year old friend of mine came and snuggled on my lap for part of the show :)

Oh, and we got to make out very own string puppets too. We will definitely be making a trip back there in the future for another production!



Anonymous said...

Hi there - we are going for the 2pm show...what time would you suggest we arrive? Are parking or crowds an issue??

Christin said...

The parking lot is pretty small, but on a weekday we had too walk past unloading buses mostly. I am not sure how parking will be on a weekend, it may be more crowded. We arrived about 15 minutes before our puppet making appt and that seemed just right. The kids had time to look around the gift shop while waiting, though we didn't make any purchases.