Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When Nicholas was in Egypt land....

I was so amazed at the King Tut exhibit that came here to Atlanta this year. Nicholas and I were excited to get to go with Bill, Cindy and Matthew while Jeff stayed home with Sydney. It was amazing to see so many ancient artifacts under one roof! This was really perfect timing since Nic is so into anything ancient Egyptian right now. Nicholas' favorite was a pair of golden sandals, but I quite enjoyed all the jewelry. The end of the exhibit featured some short video clips of the tests that the King Tut mummy has undergone throughout the years. Nic got to play with a computer program that allowed him to close in on specific areas of the tomb as well.
There was a rule against photography while in the exhibit, so I brought along a sketchbook and pencil for Nic to document what he saw instead. I honestly wasn't sure how much he would draw or write, but was pleasantly surprised when he wanted to sketch almost everything he saw! He seemed to enjoy sketching the heads of all the Pharaohs the most. The sarcophagus is not allowed to leave Egypt, but a replica was just as nice for us to view. We were also spoiled to the earphones (self guided tour) that told us about much of what we saw. We spent hours just gazing around! I had promised Nic a postcard from the gift shop, but wound up finding much more than that to take home. There was a really cool sketchbook that taught hieroglyphics and also a Pharaoh coloring book that was pretty detailed in its drawings. The gift shop also had a machine that sold certificates with your name in hieroglyphics that we had to go home with as well. On the drive home, Nicholas was figuring out how to spell everyone's names in hieroglyphics and it was determined that Dad's was the coolest because the letters "J" and "F" are both snakes hahaha. We spent the rest of the week reading all about King Tut and completing both art books from the museum.

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