Monday, January 12, 2009

1.5 Million Homeschooled Students, now +1

It is being said that 1.5 million children are now homeschooled. Or as Saturday Night Live Weekend Update says, five eleventy thousand hahaha. Well, add 1 more! I made a list of 43 reasons why homeschool would be best for our son Nic, and my husband agreed with them all. His last day was a Christmas program and he just never returned. We have officially withdrawn from the public school system and sent our Letter of Intent to the county as well.

I spent the winter break researching and studying homeschooling. This is what I do, I read and I plan. One book I read, Homeschooling for Dummies, seemed to be talking just to me at some points. "One little guy I know had an awful second-grade year...." and "A good number of new homeschoolers begin in January after winter break..." stick in my mind. I am still browsing thru it, as well as The Homeschooling Option. There was a third book borrowed from the library, but it was very religious and I just couldn't seem to get past that, so back it went. Friends and family have offered lots of support and resources as well, it's been a wonderful 1st week! This feels like the right thing to do for us, so here we go.

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