Wednesday, November 3, 2010

stART: Fancy Nancy

Sydney has been asking me to teach her to read, so I started with some lessons from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading. Today we learned the beginning verse of the vowel poem:

A is the first vowel we will say
/a/ is the short vowel sound of a.

I wanted to follow the lesson with a complete story, so what better than a Fancy Nancy book? Two short A's in her name after all :) Sydney chose Fancy Nancy: Every day is Earth Day. Afterwards she made a Fancy Nancy puppet, with a little help from mom. She chose to make the hair from red pipe cleaners and needed help poking it through the bag and curling them. She colored in a face, complete with eyelashes, and glued on a leftover-fabric "dress" and other fancy things. (the glue is still wet in the photo, that is the dark pink squiggles you see on the dress)


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