Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Memories

I remember being in a card shop with my mother, I must have been around 7 years old, and trying to find a creative way to buy her a Mother's Day card with no money of my own. In my 7 year old brain, I found the answer with this creative little white lie, "Mom, can I have money to buy this card for my friend's mom?" Yeah, I totally thought I was putting one over on her. I got the card though, mission accomplished.

I've got some new Mother's Day memories now, this time with me as center-stage mom. This year the family woke me up with breakfast in bed, cards and flowers. Nicholas chose yellow roses
because they are my favorite. Sydney chose pink tulips because they are her favorite. Later on they performed a song and dance ditty, all original and made especially for me with lyrics about loving and adoring me. I pretty much love this holiday!

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Laura said...

That is too adorable! I got about the same treatment sans flowers and ditty but it was lovely just the same. It was funny because when they were making my cards, they kept asking me how to spell the words.
I like how the girly got you the flowers she liked. :)