Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year didn't start off quite the way I had imagined it: curled up on the couch with my husband, drinking chocolate wine, sharing a kiss when the ball dropped. No, not this year, not for this girl. Where was I when the magic happened and a New Year began? I was in the bathroom, thinking that I still had approximately 4 minutes of 2009 to piss away (literally). But no matter, because 2010 is going to be glorious anyhow.

In the great spirit of traditions, I had Nicholas and I make some resolutions. Sydney colored a fabulous New Years coloring sheet because when you are 3, there is nothing to resolve :) Nicholas has decided to continue to strive for muscles - he wants to continue his gymnastics, do some basketball playing in the driveway and remember to choose some healthy foods to help him get there. My list is a wee bit longer.

This year, I want to learn the art of BALANCE. I can't seem to figure out how to keep up with all my roles in life. Just when I get a grasp on one, something slips from my grasp. I will try to keep this in mind when working on all these others.

Relationships - There are so many people in my life who mean so much to me. In working in my balance, I am resolving to spend more time with those I love. I'm also going to place our playgroups in this category because I am resolving to spend more time going to them....this may mean that I need to step up and hostess and that lend itself to my next category.....

Home - I just need to suck it up and go back to a cleaning schedule. I am pretty sure that is the only way my house was ever clean, and I don't know why I am so resistant to getting back on one now. I also have like 37 projects going on and need to just learn how to FINISH them before moving on and starting so many others. The downstairs bathroom is still my biggest project to complete, good news is that I bought the wall paint a few days ago! I have a lot of changes in mind for home, but balance probably means pacing myself.

School - I need to remember to carve out more time for lesson planning, I know I am lacking in this area for sure. We are working on getting a computer upstairs for the kids to use, we just got a desk today in fact ($25 at the thrift store, score! And it has an an attached wall hutch for books!) and this will help in so many ways. Having the kids and I all sharing my laptop was so not working for me anymore.

Charity - I try to teach the kids to be considerate of others and to lead a life of giving, but find myself lacking in that area more and more. The problem is that a lot of times, I can't find a way to give without compromising my own beliefs. In my area, it just seems like most charities are tied to a church in some way, and I just don't want my funds to go there. I don't want people in need to have to be preached to in order to receive help either. In the end, I have had to donate foods to charities that I didn't agree with because I still felt as if it were for the greater good - to feed hungry people. But now a friend and fellow blogger has helped me find a way to keep my beliefs and not feel like I am betraying myself or further empowering any organizations that I do not believe in when I give to them for any greater good: a group called Foundation Beyond Belief . Jeff and I are becoming members and I can enjoy teaching the kids about the charities that the group is helping each quarter as they rotate, and we can choose which ones we want our monthly donations to go to. I feel really good about this one.

So that is enough for one girl to work on I think.

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