Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boxtops for Homeschool Supplies

I remembered reading that Boxtops for education was a program that one homeschooler was using, but was surprised to go to the Boxtops website and find that they do not honor private homeschools. No worries, I have a solution that many other homeschoolers are also using. Ebay. Simple as that! I am saving our Boxtops and will auction them off on Ebay when I have $25 worth (that is 250 boxtops!!). Boxtops tend to sell at face value. I would assume that parents who really want their child's class to win the prize for the most boxtops are the ones bidding. Everyone wins! That class gets a prize, the school gets to shop from the boxtop catalog, and my family gets the money to spend on homeschool supplies. Ebay takes their cut too of course, but hey, its still free money from little pieces of cardboard :)

If anyone reading has any that they are currently throwing away, we would really love the donations! Each one is worth 10 cents, it can add up fast. The money will go toward some things on my list of wants, like a Presidential poster that includes all 44 U.S. Presidents for us to hang up. Products that have the Boxtops are on hundreds of products. I find them on Huggies diapers, Cheerios, Cottonelle TP and more.


NaNa said...

Awesome job on the blog, Christin! I've made myself a "follower" so that I can stay up to date.
It's SO admirable that you have taken on this extraordinary task of being the primary educator in Nics life. What a HUGE responsibilty...and one that I know you do not take lightly. But it is more than a is a selfless expression of your love and the depth of your caring and desire to see him succeed. If only ALL mothers were as selfless and hard-working, creative and goal-oriented as you are. The world would be a much better place!! Love you all, Mom.

Mrs.Mom said...

Mom, you just made me cry while at the same time brightening my day :) Thank you!!! I am glad you are my first follower, I hope you enjoy watching our progress!